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ADMIN: Welcome and comments


So, we've started the group and here is some Administrivia....

First off, your admins for the group are myself (lordandrei) and also nebet_het who planted the idea during a wonderful presentation on the topic at Notocon 2003.

Initially this group is open to any member of Ordo Templi Orientis to discuss performance and performance techniques in ceremonial ritual. As a result, to join the group, please contact the admins for access. (Replying to this post will also work)

There has been extensive debate into whether or not there should be formal performance technique used in ceremonial ritual. We are open to this debate, but request that posts that touch on this topic include the label "[debate]" in the subject line.

We will touch on staging, directing, production, acting, performance, music, and anything else that helps us in the elevation of ritual.

"Man has the right to act as he will...."

93, 93/93
Admin - Andrei
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I'm not an OTO member, but have added this community to my Friends list for monitoring, as my Wiccan Tradition does ritual dramas for our Sabbats and this looks like a good place to pick up some pointers. I look forward to reading more.
I'm very interested in this group, as using theatrical technique to enhance ritual (and getting past the stigma many groups attach to the idea of "performance" in ritual) is a pet cause of mine.

However, I'm not an OTO member and don't do much ceremonial work. I founded and ran a classical theatre company for ten years, and am now primarily interested in crafting and staging experiential, initiatory rituals that may also be performed publicly, as "legitimate" productions.

I'm obviously interested in joining your group, but I will understand if membership wouldn't be appropriate for me, given the difference in our contexts. At any event, I'd like to add the community to my friends list and watch from the sidelines.
...while away on a Puja retreat. I will talk with the other admin about this as soon as possible.

Doesn't look like there's been much discussion since this group started, but I am very interested in the topics you've proposed and I was not able to attend the workshop at Notocon due to time constraints and I also was not doing the Mass at that point in time.

Since then I have been performing as Deacon in our Masses at Vortex Camp in Tacoma and of course have become even more interested in the performance aspects of the Mass.

Also since then I have witnessed a most stunning performance of The Rite of Luna in which a professional actor was in the leading role and during that performance was simply blown away by the ability of someone not trained in Magick but well trained in the theater to execute a magickal role with magickal success.

I am a musician as well and am starting to put together a "soundtrack" as it were for the Mass. It seems to me there is simply not enough music for dramatic ritual and I would like to begin there. Any thoughts on how music/sound can be used to augment our main rite?
Why oh why didn't someone mention this to me *winks* anyways... Add please?
I would like to gain access to this community, I am not involved in the OTO, but with Freemasonry and thus have an interest in OTO/GD ritual development also. Ritual is probably the most intriguing way of conveying a story, morals, philosophies and truth, thus the more I learn about any and all, the more I learn.
Please add me to the ritualtheatre community
Hey, I'd like to join :)