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I have been working, off and on for about a year and a half now, on screenplays for both Moonchild and The Gnostic Mass, and it hadn't occurred to me until yesterday that a lot of the problems I have encountered in the adaptations could probably be easily addressed by others, who may have experience with the problems, or ideas about solutions.

It also occurred to me that Moonchild and The Gnostic Mass aren't the only works of Crowleys' that deserve a screen adaptation, and that others may have desires to organize productions around these other works.

Well, thats what this new group is for.

Any artists with a desire to see Crowley's ritual and other literary works on the screen, and the capacity to put forth the effort to help make it happen, please feel free to join this group:


I look forward to seeing very many of you, very soon.

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From the (other) admin's desk. . .

Thanks again to lordandrei and to those of you who have joined Welcome!

First off I wanted to pass on some helpful websites for research into theatre history and costume history.

This is based on a book of plates that is used for reference by costume designers. Most of the artwork is from the 1800's so it is a "secondary" source. A "primary" source would be actual existant clothing and arts from the actual time period. The "secondary" source is considered "biased" as it is an artist's interpretation and therefore not as accurate. Still it is often all that is available.

Extensive catalog of art history resources on the web.

Just what you'd expect.

Greek theatre history; somewhat simplified but still useful.

That's all for now.
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ADMIN: Welcome and comments


So, we've started the group and here is some Administrivia....

First off, your admins for the group are myself (lordandrei) and also nebet_het who planted the idea during a wonderful presentation on the topic at Notocon 2003.

Initially this group is open to any member of Ordo Templi Orientis to discuss performance and performance techniques in ceremonial ritual. As a result, to join the group, please contact the admins for access. (Replying to this post will also work)

There has been extensive debate into whether or not there should be formal performance technique used in ceremonial ritual. We are open to this debate, but request that posts that touch on this topic include the label "[debate]" in the subject line.

We will touch on staging, directing, production, acting, performance, music, and anything else that helps us in the elevation of ritual.

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Admin - Andrei
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Curtain up, Light the lights...

OK, first thing I'd love to know is what the gist of the NOTOCON workshop was. Techniques of the secular theatre in our ritual, or ritual drama in the historical sense (goat songs and The Bacchae, etc), or art-theatre that combines modern performance art and ritual (I will date myself by saying a la Grotowski), or what?

Does discussion in the community focus on Stanislavski or Sophocles (not that they are mutually exclusive)?
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